Mike Weaver


Mike Weaver's art is a blending of self expression and interpretation of objects that catch his discriminating eye. Stepping away from the ordinary, his paintings represent something that has attracted his attention,whether is's the local landscape, the simplicity of fresh fruits and vegetables, flowers or an intruiging person. The interplay of light and shadow entice him to create a piece with a dose of dramatic lighting. Mike's paintings, especially his landscapes, are often impressionistic with a touch of realism. Although he paints landscapes, still lifes and figures, his favorite work is the local landscape that is untouched by human hands. Painting this local landscape allows him to preserve this scenery on canvas for generations to come.

Mike resides in Reading, Pennsylvania. His work for the past decade has been almost exclusively in oil. He has won awards and honorable mentions through various events and establishments in his community.


Artistic Accomplishments:

  • 2008-2013: Exhibited at the GoogleWorks Center for the Arts, Reading, Pa
  • 2014: One man show at Warehouse Studio, Reading, Pa
  • 2015: Group exhibition at Say Cheese Cafe, West Readings , Pa
  • 2016: One man show ar Crave Cafe, Sinking Spring, Pa
  • 2016: Groupd show at the Hilton Doubletree Hotal, Oct/Nov, Reading, Pa
  • 2016One man show at Bold Cafe, Dec, West Reading, Pa
  • Galleries:

  • Art Plus Gallery, West Reading, Pa
  • Sunshine Blue Skies Gallery, Wyomissing, Pa




    Mike WEaver Paintings