JIll Peckelun
Artist Statement: Art is the subconscious made conscious, the breath of the familiar into a new vision, the awakening of all senses.

Jill really doesn't like to catagorize herself (free- she must be free), but realistically, her artistic style if influenced by the freedom of the impressionists, and so accordingly, the Asians, the Arts and Crafts movement of the 1890's, the design style of Art Nouveau, and the immediacy of working on location. She is primarily a alla prima plein air painter - using oils. The process is about layers of depth, shapes of light and dark values, movement, mood and lively color. Jill says: no guts , no glory!

The plein air paintings are done with the spontaneous exhilaration of working directly from life in the outdoors. The studio paintings often evolve from small oil sketches done outdoors on location, alla prima, in one go. Both approaches strive for a sense of immediacy and reflect the energy of working in a fleeting moment of time. Jill Peckelun has won numerous awards in both galleried juried fine art exhibitions on a regional, national and international basis, and regional plein air festivals. Some of the work shown here is presently committed to juried exhibitions and invitational gallery exhibitions. Contact the gallery directly (or Jill Peckelun for gallery contact information) for availability.

You may learn more about Jill and view more of her work on her website: jillpeckelun.com


Jill Peckelun Paintings